Mar 17, 2010


OMG, you guys. I'm so sick. And you know what it is? A cold. I thought it was allergies, but the doctor (which I went to! It was free! Canada is so neat) said no, it was just "the common cold."

Problem is, this most common of ailments is actually a complete disaster in my line of work. Sure I can figure out if commas belong and eliminate excess adverbs with a stuffy head, but it's times like this that I realize there's so much more to editing than that. Even with a line edit, there's intuition and holding onto endless amounts of detail and knowing what to fact-check and remembering that a character's bike was blue with white stripes at the beginning of the book and white with blue stripes at the end.

Uggggh. I want to be better. Everything hurts!

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Mark Loeffelholz said...

Get some rest, dear. The words---and the violence---will still be there :D