Mar 30, 2010


So, there are still remnants of my cold hanging on - a lot of people I know seem to have this problem right now, so maybe we all caught the same Cold of Endless Doom. But I seem to be in the end stages. Fingers crossed.

Yesterday was my birthday! Hurrah! I took the opportunity to turn off all the TVs and computers and other screen-having implements in my life, and it was so relaxing, you guys. You should try it.

Usually it's pretty nice on my birthday and we take some kind of trip, but this year was rainy gloom and we're being "frugal" because poor Chris is going through his poor-student phase, so sadly no birthday vacation this year. That's okay - I really have been spoiled the last few years - Mont Tremblant, Quebec City, the Eastern Townships, Orford national park...all so awesome. But yeah, yesterday was no day for hiking. I will hike when it's nice. Oh! That's actually a literal "rain check," eh?

But fun things did in fact occur. I got awesome new pants! And a new Wii game! And I finally bought that Mick Jagger movie Performance. I don't even know if I want to watch it, but I've been jonesing after it for so long since seeing it at that crazy psychedelic film festival at the Canadian Centre for Architecture like, 5 years ago, that it was just one of those things that I had to have so I could stop thinking about trying to have it.

And! Speaking of the CCA, I got a membership! So I am going to be there all the time from now on. It's so much more than a museum - there are all these study spaces and reading rooms and whatnot, so it's actually more similar to having a club membership to a place that lets you just be in one of the most gorgeous buildings in Montreal all the time. Now all I need is a laptop so I can do all my work there :)

That is all. I actually have some things to say about writing, so I will do that soon.

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