Sep 5, 2008

Collectif photographes/chorégraphes & Carlito Dalceggio

Galerie [sas]
4 September 2008

I didn't get it at the time, but most of the exhibit pairs up dancers and photographers and then displays the results. Clever... each pair is quite different - there's the metallic one, and the orgy one, and the exotic looking woman who appears to be in the tropics but is actually probably in Oka or something. I was hotter on some of the pictures than others, but all together they make for a very interesting display.

© Carlito Dalceggio, 2008

Carlito's work is, of course, gorgeous and fun and colorful, and more or less a complete delight. He did a globe, some chairs, and butterfly wings this time, and I think he should keep this up, and just make one of everything.

The vernissage was a wonderful good time, as Carlito's always are - the gallery stays open late, the ice wine flows freely (though I heard some poor reviews of having wine on tap...), and everybody is behaving fairly badly so nobody noticed our little group of increasingly hysterical revelers. After we'd had enough, we retired to the church down the street to finish our beers on the steps and contemplate important philosophical questions.

Through October 4th

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