Sep 11, 2008

Blood Royale

Galerie d’art Yves Laroche
10 September 2008

I love this Old Port gallery - its gorgeous walls and beautiful view of the water are definitely worth the trip. The velvet curtains and high ceilings and DJ and boutique make it feel like you've wandered into some decadent gothic theater. This particular show, all work by tattoo artists, really fit the mood, and I noticed that the gallery appears to have the artists for each show paint the large windows in the main passage, which is really a cool idea. It makes you feel like the space was entirely created for the show that's going on, which is a lot more personal than most galleries feel.

There were little "trading cards" of some of the art, which my companions were happily snapping up... I found them creepy, but Chris loves them and now they're on our fridge. I'm getting used to them. The art as a whole was quite creepy, but gorgeously done, provocative, and violently colorful and iconic across the board. Even the ones by the guy who was totally inventing new, evil Pokemons. I swear he was, look:

It's a pokemon. An evil stopwatch-serpent pokemon. Awesome.

To 21 September.

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You are just too cute.