Sep 28, 2010

Beware the Twitter glitch

Ah...good times. It's absolutely pouring buckets out there. I don't have class till 4:30 this afternoon, so hopefully the sky will get itself sorted out by then.

And it's cold in my temporary home! I wish I had the beautiful Latvian-knitting-pattern fingerless gloves that Emma made for me the last time she visited. But alas, they are one of the many necessities that are tied up in all of my belongings that are still in Montreal. Soon.

The real purpose of this post is to inform anyone who may have looked at my Twitter feed recently that I wasn't the author of that delightful tweet. I changed the address of my Twitter feed (it's now, and somebody else took my old name, and of course anywhere I've linked my Twitter feed by address...her tweet got posted. So to the poor girl who is "Utterly frutrated and tired! Going to bed. Tomarrow is going to rock!! . . .Because i said it will. It will!" ...I hope your "tomarrow" was way better! :)

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