May 10, 2010

A giggle from Craigslist

Saw this on Craigslist today and thought it was pretty cute.

Auther: needs Publisher

I am looking for an honest publisher able to take-on a timly, controversial and important project.
Must be prepaired to make enemies within the spheres of Establishment & disreguard them.
((for more info plz enquire inside.
Thanx !

Compensation: This is for Book Publishers themselves looking for new material

Clearly this guy isn't going to be bringing down any "Establishments" any time soon, but how good of a character would this be in a story? "Writer of groundbreaking manifestos, too irate to proofread, seeks publisher willing to make enemies...and then disregard them!"

I wonder what percentage of authors hit up Craigslist for character and plot ideas?

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pretentiousgit said...

Personally, spam filters are the best things ever for character names. Always just slightly artificial in a way that can't be placed, yet interesting - Octavio Greenbelt? Yes please!