Jan 19, 2010

Too much to read!

I truly love to read. I was one of those kids who loved hiding in corners with books even before I could actually read the words. My parents bought me this little "nook" - a tiny rocking chair with a cat painted on it, with a matching little rug. So I could pretend to be an old lady sitting by the fire with a book, I guess? Anyway, it was great.

Lately, though, I've realized that reading has really insinuated itself into every corner of my life. And like any good addict, I've developed all these tricks and schemes to make myself think I'm not just reading all the time. I wake up and have tea and read something light and happy. Then I get to work, reading and editing. During breaks, I catch up on the million billion blogs on my blogroll. When I've got some spare time, I read review copies for the Self-Publishing Review. And then in the evening, I curl up with a good book.

So, right now I am reading, in approximate order of frequency,
  • Nancy Drew - The Thirteenth Pearl (for the light morning read)
  • Her Fearful Symmetry (for evening escapism)
  • Slaughterhouse Five and Bonfire of the Vanities(out loud with Chris and the rat, who loves to be read to. Ach, grammar. The rat is listening. Chris is reading.)
  • Nurtureshock (for two separate extremely informal book clubs with Anna-the-future-doctor and Nicky-the-current-mother-of-toddlers)
  • Persuasion (for when I'm in that Jane Austin mood while eating lunch)
  • The Wind-Up Bird Chronicles (for the second time, but I seem to have stalled at about 90%...I'll get back to it, I swear!)
  • The Chicago Manual of Style (because I'm always reading the Chicago Manual of Style)
  • And, of course, this month's developmental editing book, which is so much fun to have developing ideas for!
Because everyone's doing e-book stats this week - Of those nine books, three are hard-copy and six are on the Kindle. None of the Kindle books involved me paying money to Amazon. Though they've made sample chapters available over not-wireless, so I can actually get them now, which makes me happy. But not happy enough to buy anything from them. Keep trying, Amazon.

Anyway, leave me alone now. I have reading to do.

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Anonymous said...

Wide readers make great writers. So keep up with that you are doing. It won't be too much if you enjoy doing it. Perhaps, you can publish your own book someday. :)