Sep 28, 2009


Okay. You know what? I liked it.

I'd already tried once and aborted before the end of the first chapter. But I will not be defeated so easily. So this time when I started, I said to Chris "Okay. Make me sit here and read the first three chapters. If I can get through those, I'll be hooked, and I'll read the whole thing in one sitting, and it will be awesome." And that's pretty much exactly what happened, except that it took two days instead of one because an evening at the arcade beckoned.

And despite [insert all the things that are horribly wrong me, I noticed them. I'm an editor], I had a totally great time reading this. I would not know what to say to a male human who liked it, since virtually everything good about it fell into the "adolescent female fantasy" category. And that bit was done flawlessly. I ooohed and aaahed and squeaked and squealed and very near burst into tears a couple times... so essentially, "I laughed, I cried, it was better than Cats!"

Honestly, I think if it were better written, Twilight wouldn't be as good. Right now it's totally over the top and ridiculously serious, and this combination of characteristics is exactly equivalent to the mindset of its intended audience. Which is awesome, and clearly effective at causing massive amounts of money to be flung in the direction of the author.

So...that's it. I'm not going to front that I'm too good for this...I have my literary cred, I can soak the damage to my reputation of liking a few over-adjectified bestsellers. Plus I just read Dorkismo: The Macho of the Dork, and it told me I can like anything I want. Hah.


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