Sep 15, 2009


Just thought it was funny that this book Shoplifting from American Apparel came out today. Because I live half a block from an American Apparel (don't we all, eh?), and yesterday as I got off the bus on that corner, a couple really heavily tattooed hipster boys were leaving the store, and we both turned the same way so I ended up walking behind them. I was just noticing that one of them had kind of a big butt for such a skinny guy when he stuck his hand down his pants and pulled like three T-shirts out of his ass. It took me at least half a minute to register that he had stolen them - my first thought was honestly "Huh. That guy carries around extra t-shirts in his pants. Do people do that now? To make their butts look bigger?" Logic:1, Erin's Logic:0.

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