Apr 5, 2009

Things my Kindle 2 can do

I just figured out how to get my Google Reader to upload onto my Kindle! I've got this "Calibre" program that does conversions really easily, and it also has all kinds of newspapers and journals and things that you can set to download automatically.

If I was in the US, of course, I could pay for these papers (maybe some of them are free? I don't know) and have them directly beamed into the Kindle every morning so I wouldn't even have to hook it up to my computer. I'm sure I would love that. However, having this Calibre thing fetch whatever journals I want in the morning (the button is actually labeled "fetch" - this makes me happy) is a good substitute. Really, if I plug the Kindle into the computer at night, Calibre will just send the news onto it automatically anyway (it sends over whatever it's got downloaded as soon as it detects a device), which is more or less the same thing.

This is amazing. I get like 100 blog posts via Google Reader every day, and I really do need to at least have a look at them all to keep on top of all the things I suddenly seem to be keeping on top of. So this is at least an hour of reading that I'm no longer going to have to do in front of a computer screen. I can curl up on the couch with the cute little rats, have some tea, and enjoy myself. Amazing.


The Poliskeptic said...

Is that Oscar Wilde? Also: RATS!

Erin said...

Hi Niki!
Yes, that is Oscar Wilde - good eye! It shows pictures of authors and old illustrations and things when it's in "sleep" mode. Really a nice touch - makes me actually feel like it's a book thing instead of a technology thing.