Mar 30, 2009

Kindle 2 has arrived on my couch!

March 30th, 1:00pm - Kindle is here! It was a ridiculous matter to get it - my mom had to buy it, have it sent to her in California, and then mail it to me herself. Because Amazon refused to ship it to Canada. But now, a mere half-day after my birthday, it is arrived.

1:05pm - It is so cute! Soooo cute. The packaging is cute too. It opens like a book!

1:25pm - I think I'm figuring it out. The instructions (in an ebook that opens when you turn it on) are really easy and quick to read, and most of the buttons make a lot of sense. I'm still not quite familiar with the note and clipping functions, but give me time.

1:27pm - Also, when it goes into sleep mode, it shows portraits of famous authors. I think the greyscale has 16 levels, so the pictures look really nice. Same or better than the quality in a lot of books, really.

1:35 - I have uploaded a book onto it! No whispernet, obviously, because I'm in Canada, but it also accepts .txt files, so I just converted a book that a friend sent me in Word, drag-and-dropped, and voila! There are no tabs because of the formatting, but despite that it looks nice and promises to be easily readable. And it remembers what page I get to... I'm a disaster with bookmarks so that's a nice touch.

More to come...


spla said...

Hi Erin. I am a friend of your Aunt Danelle's, and she told me to check out your blog, as a fellow writer. Nicely done! Congratulations!

I just got my Kindle 2 last week. Isn't it fabulous? I'm hooked. First book I ordered on it: Stephen King's "On Writing." Have you read it?

Erin said...

Well hi there! I'm quite sure any friend of Danelle's is a friend of mine.

Oh, the Kindle is SO fabulous - I was pretty worried because it's not technically available in Canada and everything I was reading talked about how hard it was to get content on it and everything, but I'm finding it very user-friendly.

I'm actually more of an accidental writer - editing is more my preferred line of work. I do really like how social writing is though, so I'm sure I'll keep it up, if only as a sideline. What sort of writing do you do?