Mar 19, 2009

Eastern Townships Advice Required

It's time for my annual birthday-in-the-mountains excursion, and this year the theme is: Eastern Townships! My strapping young lad and I are going to venture into this Orford national park, and stay overnight somewhere on the 28th. We'll have a car, and we speak fine French and much better English.

So, my questions are:
A- anything we shouldn't miss? Wineries, awesome places to hike, deeply adorable little towns, roads between places that are very pretty this time of year (the melty time, I know, it is my blessing and curse to be born on probably the most liminal day of the year) fabulously cozy little cafes, restaurants, places to ride horses or see many wonderful birds... these sorts of things.

B- where to stay. If there's somewhere cheap and fun that would be awesome, but we're willing to go up to around $100 for the night. The places my research has yielded are the following: Auberge McGowen (Georgeville?), Manoir de la rue Merry (Magog), Auberge du Centre d'Arts Orford, Gite Maison Hote (Magog), A L'Ombre d'Orford (Orford). Do you know these places? I'm open to other suggestions too. I like things that have a lot of character, feel solid... doesn't matter if the rooms or bathrooms are big, as long as they feel nice, you know?

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