Feb 10, 2009

Your daily nonsense from the New York Times: "Tea" Party

This one wins not so much for the silliness of the article - the silliness is what makes the whole thing great, after all - but for the snobby cluelessness of the first (and only, at press time) commenter, who has clearly never encountered the fashion world before.

"hmmm…the whole point of tea is tea. That’s why they call it “Tea”. “Tea” is served with food which doesn’t upstage it, such as plain egg salad sandwiches, scones, a ginger cake….Those designer kinds of desserts will kill the “Tea”. Anyway, I don’t see any tea, only empty cups. They’re probably showing their class by using teabags anyway–no point in showing up for that. Better to serve champagne with those sorts of desserts."

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