Feb 18, 2009

Twitter novels?!?

Okay, this makes me happy. There's this thing on Twitter that some academic fellow I probably should have heard of started, wherein you have to summarize a book in the space of a "Tweet" - i.e. 140 characters, I think. Some of them are no good, and some of them are SO GOOD!

I think part of the idea is that you're supposed to guess what book's being described, though some people manage to squish that into their posts too. Here are the recent ones I could figure out, or at least I think I did-

-Ouch, me leg, where's me leg?/Queequeg has nice tatoos/I will follow you to the gates of Hell, Leviathan/Glug

superman kills monster, monster's mom. dragon = fail.

Tsarist-era goth goes all benihana on landlady, runs afoul of Monkski, gets the girl.

Ultraviolence! Alas: jail, Ludovico'd, now groody-hating. Free, meek - tolchocked by Dim, but saved, cured. Yarbles to thee!

Sand. Worms. Drugs. Repeat. Rule World.

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