Nov 4, 2008

Analyzing the cool vote

Ripped straight from the Election Day Facebook Status headlines...

Regular cool: vote for Obama!!! Yay Obama!!!

Middle School cool: vote for Obama, in spirit.

Mechanized Grassroots Activism cool: MoveOn says, vote for Obama! Everyone's doing it!

Political Indifference cool: vote, or don't, or whatever, just please make the campaign ads stop!

Canadian cool: vote for Obama, my McGill student friends! America sucks, but we have a conservative leader, so we kind of suck too, so maybe you could be the awesome one, *just this one time*.

Cynical/Anarchist/Post-political cool: Obama is just another politician in sheep's clothing. Don't vote. Down with the state!

Issue-based Cynical cool: They both suck on gay marriage, the issue that will decide the future of the free world. Don't vote, but pray that McCain doesn't win, or if he does, that he doesn't die.

Ironic nihilist cool: vote for McCain

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