Oct 1, 2008

Conspiracy theories

I'm on a roll coming up with theories about things today.

1. The whole "anything but Conservative" internet-voting-movement thing in Canada is actually a plot by the Bloc Quebecois to regain power.

Supporting this theory - (PS I love Gilles, this isn't anti Bloc at all, I don't even know how I feel about the parties, it's just a conspiracy theory please don't hate me!)
a) Gilles Duceppe's Twitter status is "Le Quebec n'a pas dit son dernier mot!" Sounds like a plot brewing if ever I heard one...
b)The Bloc, historically, lost a lot of ground in the last election to the Conservatives, as the Quebecois are moving away from the idea of a one-issue party and re-examining their party alliances.
c) The website "http://www.voteforenvironment.ca/", (a "wonderful little tool lets you put in your postal code and will tell you, based on the latest polls and data from previous elections, how to vote to keep Harper out of power. It ends up better for everyone who's not a conservative.") actually is encouraging Quebecois voters to go back to a strong Bloc majority (~54 of 75 seats Bloc, from the current 49 [which according to the trend, should continue to drop]). Furthermore, this trend is masked by the site, which mentions nothing of the sort and makes it very difficult to find out what the overall results of their voting suggestions would be. Suspicious? ...Suspicious!

2. Dion said that election debates get his adrenaline pumping. Look for some hot Dion trouser action, coming your way on prime time tomorrow!

More to come, never fear!

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