Aug 13, 2008

There is some sort of Waxwing hanging about - I saw it eating a red berry in the back yard, looking for all the world like a very oddly colored female cardinal. It's a beautiful color... somewhere between gray and brown, but beautiful. I hope I'll see it again!

There's also a little woodpecker with a red crest, and a smaller grey woodpecker with just the littlest orange patch on the top of his head... both are not yet determined because they don't look quite like the species that google is suggesting to me.

And finally, there are swallows that line the telephone wires over the river when I go jogging across the bridge early enough, which would be wonderful to get into the yard.

And bats! They were out doing their thing at 8pm last night, and that's where I'll look for them tonight. I guess I just never realized they were bats, or looked closely enough before.

A little chipmunk passed away this morning in the driveway... poor thing. Must've just been his time - he didn't get hit or anything. I wonder how people can throw away little animals and birds, but I guess if they don't have a woods behind their house they don't have much choice if they won't take the trouble to bury them.

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