Jul 11, 2008

It's just all been boxes lately. I've cut a swath of destruction through the upstairs storage areas... many besequined 80's clothing items and cassette tapes will be making their way to a Goodwill near you any day now. I hit some boxes of delicate little things, though... there's a thumbnail-sized fuzzy kitten statuette that I petted and kissed so much that the fuzz on its ears and paws is worn away... so sweet. I also have what may properly be referred to as a Unicorn Collection. So being a little girl must not have been so bad *all* the time.


Anonymous said...

You have a unicorn collection? omg, so girly.

That's pretty cute about the kitten though.

Erin said...

*You* are so girly! Hah!

I'll show you the kitten. It's so sweet.