Jun 22, 2008

Dorea / Monumental Toc

Galerie [sas]
Montreal, 18 June, 2008

© Marie Reine Mattera / Emmanuel Joly : 2 de la série Doréa / 2006 / impression jet d'encre / 20x48

This is actually quite a good show to begin this "blogging" venture with. As far as vernissages go, this one was definitely a good time.

First of all, I love diptychs. Everything about them is so vastly superior to single-element pieces of two-dimensional art that I wonder sometimes that anyone would bother to even attempt other formats.

Secondly, the always-wonderful [sas] has switched from the merely excellent 1664 beer to the absolutely charming and infinitely more muscovite Boris label. The ice cider, of course, remains available in its cute little tin buckets, but it's still entirely too girly for my tastes, and the addition of the Boris beer with its darling alsatio-soviet bottle designs gets an absolute two-thumbs-up from my camp.

The crowd, as always, left something to be desired; I never can figure out how a place that gets as much good art through it as this one does can never manage to attract any bizarre japanese biker boys, little old Italian men with quivering purse-dogs under their arm, or any of the other wonderful sorts that make some of these vernissages so perfect.

I actually liked both of the exhibitions enough to entirely skip reading the long French artschool essays that the [sas] insists on including with all its shows. I glanced at the one for Monumental Toc, but it looked like it was some nonsense about showing ordinary things in ordinary contexts but upside down because of something to do with "the functional character replaced par l'intrigue du fonctionnement", so I gave it up. The piece in question was a large grid of metal boxes with motorized magnets inside which moved around small dioramas on the underside of each box. The funny little dioramas were interspersed with a variety of corporate and national logos for (I assume) the usual reasons, but they just all looked so damn nice that they could have been anything for all I cared.

My recommendation: See it! It doesn't even need the beer to be good. Through August 30th.


Anonymous said...

OMG it's a blog from Erin!

Those were pretty cute bottles to have Boris beer in, much better than their tin can format.

I'm sorry there weren't any Japanese biker boys.


Janelle Anderson said...

I thought I would drop in for a visit. YOu came across my blog...the one with the baby deer in our back yard. I just wanted to see how your blog venture is going. An artist I see...I have an art degree but lately my art has been in parenting. :) You asked about ourcamera...Canon 20D...300mm canon lens. My husband is the expert with the camera but I can pull off some good shots having such good equipment. Not sure if I can take any artistic credit but thanks for your compliment and visit! - Janelle